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Jan 18, 2013 11:00pm EST
we have the technology in the u.s., by the scanners because those enable us to pick up nonmetallic items. the whole notion is let's have those as a deterrent to force the terrorists who try to come up with new innovative ideas. fortunately, the attack did not occur because simply various technical issues. the young man flew from amsterdam to detroit in the instructions were to blow up a plane. fast forward to two years ago october 2010 were you may recall two packages send to chicago as the ultimate destination. fortunately because of outstanding international cooperation by a foreign security service, we are getting tracking numbers for those two devices for this two packages. one was fedex, when ups and both had printers that had toner cartridges that were actually bombs. but that tracking numbers, provided those two officials in the united kingdom. they went about packages and said there's no device here. one instance, thick indication they found it on the third. it took them three times to find it. so what we are seeing is a master bomb maker and yemen who is treating others. a
Jan 15, 2013 11:00pm EST
for the intense partnership and division that we see. technology, money, in politics, transportation, availability all of that adds to it. my first job after graduate school was on a senate staff, and presidential campaign that came out of it. in 1967, '68 and the first thing the senator kennedy said to me and the first day i started in may of 1967 and junior member of the legislative staff -- he was going to set up a series of meetings with some people with whom he disagreed about a lot of subjects. but loved the process. for the first couple of weeks i got to spend timen on the democratic side with senator long and russell. and on the republican side with senator dirkson. i think i come from that kind of experience doesn't happen very much anymore. it's one indication of the change. somehow we need more people and more thoughtful formings where those kinds of issues that effect our political process are discussed as well as substantiative issues. >> at the back. we'll have to wind it up. my name is paul. i'm a communications and marketing consult assistant. and the name of this panel is deficit
Jan 16, 2013 11:00pm EST
. climate change, technological race, poverty, government, a silent install moving picture might disasters suffering a lot here in the united states mike future water shortages. you cannot just say risk with urbanization and it's also economic growth, modernization, opportunity and also especially the most economically efficient way of managing climate risk because you so many one place they might become feasibly financially from a different date. but all these factors of course transferase. internationally, if we take a quick look at the disaster trends, you will at for the disasters, you will see that type of disasters happen more and more everywhere. people ask themselves, what's the reason for this? when you work on disasters, you tend to let us ponder the reasons and you have to address it, but she was sad to see if it's a persistent trend, which it has been for 40 years now and what they say we do in societies that actually do not make us more capable to anticipate and mitigate the impact of these disasters. six or seven years ago i met a group of meteorological climate specialists i
Jan 14, 2013 11:00pm EST
for a graduate certificate in science and technology. second question from the audience, does the debt ceiling of a practical purpose? could it be eliminated without much consequence? >> does what have? >> the debt ceiling. >> it does not really have. it has symbolic value i guess, but no other country, i believe, maybe one or two other, but no other countries in the world have this particular institution . to so everyone understands what is, the congress appropriates $100, tells the government to spend $100 on whenever and then it raises $80 in revenue through its tax code. now, the arithmetic here sort of says, you have to borrow $20. shephard -- the congress has to give a third rule. if the congress is approving spending and taxing and those two things are not equal then this kind of logically, there must be something to make up the difference which is borrowing. i am not sink's deficits and debts are a good thing, but the way to address this is by having a sensible plan for spending and a sensible plan for revenue. and make decisions about how big government should be or how small it shoul
Jan 17, 2013 11:00pm EST
and let technology collector tools. imagine the interchanges on 128 and cantin were smoothed out so you didn't have to add 45 minutes here rush-hour commute. our citizens do not want less transportation. they want more. they do not want us to spend more on the theme of being or just move money around from one idea to the next. they want us to invest in a disciplined and strategic way to do things that in proof quality of their life and further opportunities. this past monday, department of transportation showed us how, what we need to properly operate the system we have and add those few additional projects that unlocks growth and opportunity that long to click departs of our commonwealth, just as an education to transportation plan choose a specific need we all knew where i met. and just as in education, meeting those needs demands new revenue. now there is no good time to raise taxes. this is the point they knew in this speech and silence would follow for the hall. i know just as clearly as possible how tough the times have been on the people and families of our commonwealth and thoug
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5